2019 Femmy Award Winners 2019

Best Short Fiction Film: Razzle My Berries (Heather Aradas) -- View Clip
Best Student Film: Happy (April Kagan) -- View Clip
Best Short Documentary: Representative (Kelly Wittenberg) -- View Clip
Best Animated Film: The Elephant's Song (Lynn Tomlinson) -- View Clip
Best Feature Documentary: Love Always, Mom (Tricia Russo) -- View Clip
Outstanding LGBTQ Themed Film: I'm Just Here (Lara Aslanian) -- View Clip
Best Female Protagonist: The Hanji Box (Nora Jacobson) -- View Clip
Best Feature, Fiction: Keely and Du (Dominique Cardona & Laurie Colbert) -- View Clip
Spirit of Activism: Born as a Girl (Dominika Kulczyk) -- View Clip
Best Nevada Film: #NoMore aka 10 Syllables (Emily Skyle-Golden) -- View Clip