NWFFest 2020 Programming Schedule

See an alphabetical listing of all film descriptions here. All events will take place at UNLV. Event blocks link to ticketing. Get passes here.
Schedule is subject to change.

Thursday, March 19:

Nevada Woman Filmmaker of the Year, Andrea Walter:
6:00 PM Special Screening of Empty by Design, followed by interview with the filmmaker, hosted by Roudi Boroumand (FDH 109) Tickets

Friday, March 20:

5:30 PM Festival Sampler: Dance Dance Astro Gurl, Vilomah, The Water Runs Red, Ingenue, The Lost City Museum, Possibilities (FDH 109) Tickets
7:30 PM Filmmakers’ Welcome Reception
(UNLV Foundations Building, Blasco Event Wing) Tickets
9:30 PM Friday Late Night Shorts 1: Always Remember Me, Shadow at the Door, Toni Fitzgerald’s Cult Following, F*ckboy Manifesto, The Most Beautiful, Choker, Cecilia the Celibate Episode 1 (FDH 109) Tickets
9:45 PM Friday Late Night Shorts 2: Places, Wordless, An Upside-Down Tale, Team Marilyn, St. Bernie, Tristan & Kelly, Red, Ghazaal (FDH 105) Tickets

Saturday, March 21:

11:00 AM Family Friendly Matinee: Dear Bella, Deuce, The Family Farm, Gabrielle, Knocking Down the Fences, 9th Island Stories: Hula (FDH 105) Tickets
12:00 PM Panel Event: The Professional Women of the Adult Film Industry A candid conversation which will break stereotypes about this field of work. Moderated by Dr. Constance Penley (FDH 109). Tickets
1:00 PM Saturday Afternoon Matinee: Card Tricks, Pioneers in Skirts (FDH 105) Tickets
Vanguard Event with Featured Guest Filmmaker Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre:
2:00 PM Featured Screening: The Mustang (FDH 109) Tickets
4:00 PM A Conversation with the Filmmaker hosted by Dr. Heather Addison, presentation of the Vanguard Award, Q&A session (FDH 109) Tickets
5:30 PM Saturday Evening Shorts 1: Bad Mother, Hard Shadow, The Cunning Man, I Exist, Colourblind, Night Tide (FDH 105) Tickets
6:00 PM Saturday Evening Shorts 2: Rainshadow, Kenin, The Necklace (FDH 109) Tickets
7:00 PM Saturday Evening Shorts 3: The Unseen Children, Prodana, Suddenly the Night, The Same Story, Strangers’ Reunion (FDH 105) Tickets
7:45 PM Saturday Evening Feature: The Passport, Cat People (FDH 109) Tickets
9:30 PM Saturday Late Night Feature: That’s the Way You Love (Adult situations) (FDH 105) Tickets
9:45 PM Saturday Late Night Shorts: Lost in the Eighties, Electric Swan, Two Paper Nightingales, While I Can Lift My Hands (FDH 109) Tickets

Sunday, March 22:

11:00 AM Sunday Morning Matinee: Delight in the Mountain (FDH 105) Tickets
11:15 AM Sunday Morning Sampler: Names For Snow, Motherland, Jones, Pappy Hour, Clara and the Imaginary Lives (FDH 109) Tickets
1:00 PM Sunday Afternoon Matinee: Space Captain and Callista (FDH 105) Tickets
1:15 PM Sunday Afternoon Feature: Blink of an Eye: Photographer Mary Schroeder, Found in Korea (FDH 109) Tickets
3:15 PM Sunday Special Screening: Insanity, Lunch Break, La Lettre, Pool Party, Let the Blonde Sing, 2020 Oscar Winner: Learning to Skateboard in a Warzone (If You’re a Girl)  (FDH 109) Tickets
6:00 PM 6th Annual Femmy Awards (FDH 109) Tickets