Nevada Women's Film Festival

The 7th Annual Nevada Women's Film Festival returns virtually

June 21 - 27, 2021

58 Films from 20 Countries

Panels, Interviews, Awards, Parties
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Here is a sneak peek at this year's Official Selections:


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Nikki Corda is making the best of a bad situation.

The Nevada Women’s Film Festival she founded in 2015 was scheduled to present its sixth installment starting March 19. COVID-19 had other plans, though, causing Gov. Steve Sisolak to issue his stay-at-home order two days earlier.

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"Most of the time your first feature film is just trash,” says UNLV film school graduate Andrea A. Walter, who will be receiving the Nevada Woman Filmmaker of the Year award at this week’s Nevada Women’s Film Festival for, yes, her first feature.

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Check out some of the great films by women all across the state during the Nevada Women's Film Festival streaming beginning June 22.

Women Speak OutWomen Speak Out

Women Speak Out

Women Speak Out is our space for NWFFest filmmakers and supporters to voice opinions and ideas about a variety of topics. Check back weekly as our brilliant women speak out.

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Are We Censoring Our Humanity?

Destiny Faith Nelson is the NWFFest 2018 Local Filmmaker of the Year for her film, The Trap

I think we’re all guilty of it, myself included. We see someone’s thoughts expressed on a particular subject, usually one opposing our own perspective, and “judgment mode” immediately turns on, it lashes out and harsh negative words are spouted at people we actually care about and/or even other human beings we’ve actually never even met. We assume that this one perspective is the absolute representation of all that is this other human being.

So how would these conversations play out, face-to-face, looking another human being in the eye? Have our eyes been so glossed by the layer of gorilla glass that we’ve forgotten that we are human beings? I often private message those who I’ve opposed on Social Media, to sit down for coffee and talk about it. Some people like the idea, while with others, I hear crickets.